Conference & Meeting Catering

For large groups and small groups

Conference Catering
Meeting event


Whether for a group of hundreds or thousands…

Whether you want coffee, fruit and baked goods to kick off the day or a full meal to wrap it up…

We deliver and serve what, where, when and how you want it.


We get it. Your meeting isn’t about food.

You have topics to cover, decisions to be made, and progress to achieve.

But try doing those things when people are hungry. Or staring at ugly unappetizing food. You don't need to.

What’s the difference — Catered Events or Corporate Drop-off?

Conferences and Meetings can be served as Corporate Drop-Off or as Catered Events.

See the comparison below to understand the difference.

Corporate Drop-Off

  • We prepare crazy good food.
  • We deliver.
  • We set up.
  • We leave.
  • You enjoy.
  • We return the following business day to pick up serving items

Catered Events

  • We prepare crazy good food.
  • We deliver.
  • We set up.
  • We stay on site to replenish and/or serve.
  • You enjoy.
  • We pack up and take everything away the same day.
  • We can also arrange rentals of tables, chairs, dinnerware, etc.
  • Suitable for larger numbers and/or more involved menus.

Yes. Our staff will wow you!


The only Metro Vancouver full service caterer with 2 locations to serve you better: Vancouver & Surrey

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