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Sustainability and Safety

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Recycle, Re-Use, Compost

At Pacific Coast Catering we pride ourselves on doing our part when it comes to sustainability practices.


New clients often ask us what we do with the leftovers and other waste that inevitably accumulate at the end of any event and in our production kitchen. The answer to that question can be summed up in just three words: recycle, re-use, compost.

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Less than 20%

Less than twenty percent of our waste becomes garbage. What happens to the 80%? Leftover food that is still safe to eat according to FoodSafe guidelines goes to a food mission in the Downtown Eastside. What happens if it is still packaged? We give to a food redistribution centre.


We collect all paper, glass, metal and plastic waste for recycling. After that, we give refundable pop and juice containers to charitable groups.


Anything that may be safely cleaned – such as plates, other tableware and metal flatware – is thoroughly cleaned and re-used.

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Support for BC

Above all, we plan all events carefully. That means that our goal is to minimize waste and make sure all fruit and vegetable waste from events and from our kitchens ends up as compost.


For our corporate drop-off services, 90% of the containers we deliver are compostable. The remaining 10% are recyclable.


Furthermore, we support BC’s food producers by sourcing our fresh ingredients locally, whenever possible.

2022 Environmental Impact with Food Runners Vancouver

Giving It Away 

Our first choice is always to give away leftover and unused food. Of course, we do within the context of FoodSafe guidelines.

One of our local partners is @vancouver_food_runners, a food recovery organization that distributes food for meal programs, hampers and direct to clients.

We're committed both to supporting our local community and reducing waste. Our partnership with Vancouver Food Runners is just one of the ways we do that.

The graphic above shows what we were able to do in 2022 with just this one organization.

Check out other ways we give back here.

COVID-19 Safety Response Plan

We take it seriously

Our staff are trained and monitored for FoodSafe guidelines. All food supplies are tracked for freshness and safety. Prepared food is packaged and transported so as to maintain safe temperature zones. This also helps to ensure the best appearance, taste and texture when you’re ready to eat it.

The health and well-being of our customers, team and community is our highest priority. That’s why we continue to monitor COVID-19 updates and pro-actively update our own policies in order to best protect our team and those around us. Here are some of the steps that we are taking to promote health & safety. 

To Support our Customers:

Pacific Coast Catering offers our delicious meals in lunchboxes or lunch bags to help our clients looking to reduce employee contact. Let us know what you are looking for. We would be happy to work with you to provide menus based on individually wrapped breakfast, lunches, dinners or snacks. Please call or email to find out the great ways we can help during this time.

To Support our Community:

Pacific Coast Catering is dedicated to following all of the prevention measures recommended by our local and provincial health authorities. Here are some of the steps that we are taking. We ensure that all areas of our workspace are rigorously cleansed and proper hand washing hygiene is carried out. We are regularly monitoring COVID-19 regulations and recommendations and adjusting accordingly. All our team have up to the date information on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and we’ve asked everyone not to enter our facility if the have influenza-like illness or symptoms, have travelled out of the country or were in direct contact with someone who meets these statements.


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