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We Care

We care for the CLIENTS we serve — Our goal as a trusted Metro Vancouver catering company is to help make your meeting or event the best it can be.

We care for the COMMUNITY we’re part of — So, we encourage one another to give, volunteer and serve in ways big and small.

We care for the ENVIRONMENT we live in — With that in view, earth stewardship affects the daily choices and decisions we make.

We care for the TEAM we work with — With this in mind, we’re committed to an environment where all our staff can develop and flourish.

We Create

Quality ingredients, proven recipes and experienced, professional staff are what go into our food. 

We’re caterers. Therefore, everything we do, from recipe design to shopping, preparation, cooking, presentation and serving is done with catering in mind. 

We Deliver

What you want — our food will always meet or exceed your expectations.

How you want it — the right temperature and texture, looking good, tasting great and delivered with a smile.

Where you want it — with kitchens in Vancouver and Surrey and a fleet of delivery vehicles, we’ll get the yum to your meeting or event anywhere from West Vancouver to Abbotsford.

When you want it — you’re on a tight schedule and we are too — yours.


Share the love with Valentines goodies.

Feel the heat with our new selection of warm sandwiches.

Hit the spot with our soups and chili.

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We serve corporate meetings of all types with Vancouver Catering, Surrey Catering


Vancouver catering for corporate events and meetings is what we love to do and we’re good at it. Maybe that’s why our satisfied clients (Some have been with us for 16 years!) trust us. Check out some of the types of corporate meetings and events we do.

About us!

Our Team…. is ready to help!

Vancouver catering Staff member
Ron Helmer

Chief Visioneer & Map Maker

Vancouver catering Staff member
Melissa Fox

Wielder of the Wand

Vancouver catering Staff member
Russell Greenhow

Chief Visioneer Surrey

Vancouver Catering Staff member
Breck Lemke

Kitchen Maestro

We serve corporate meetings of all types
Ron Zehr

Nurturer of People and Opportunities

Vancouver catering Staff member
Paul Coleman

Catering Sage

Vancouver Catering Staff member

Executive Sous Chef


Events & Catering Consultant

Vancouver Catering Staff member

Catering Consultant

Vancouver Catering Staff member

Catering Consultant


Events & Operations Lead

Surrey Catering staff

Surrey Operations Lead

Vancouver Catering Staff member

Sous Chef

Vancouver catering Staff member

Baking & Prep

Vancouver catering Staff member

Culinary Artist

Vancouver catering Staff member

Delivery Extraordinaire


Garde Manger Extraordinaire

Vancouver catering Staff member

Lead Delivery


Kitchen & Delivery

Pacific Coast Catering Home


Vancouver catering Staff member





Kitchen prep & Events



Vancouver Catering Staff member

Kitchen prep

Vancouver catering staff

Kitchen prep & Delivery



Surrey Catering staff

Surrey Kitchen Sous Chef


Surrey Kitchen & Delivery

Surrey Catering staff

Surrey Kitchen extraordinaire


Surrey Kitchen & Delivery

Surrey Catering Staff
Surrey Kitchen & Events


Surrey Delivery & Kitchen prep


Surrey Events


Surrey Kitchen


Surrey Kitchen

Surrey Kitchen & Events


Surrey Kitchen



Future Team Member

Future Team Member

Our Story

Listening, talking and making crazy good food 

Soon after the calendar turned on Y2K and the world breathed a sigh of relief, Ron Helmer was operating a small café in the heart of Surrey. Indeed, he loved seeing people’s eyes light up when they tasted his food and he loved the conversations and connections he was having with customers who soon became regulars. 

But, there was a recurring theme. At the same time, business people, administrators and educators kept asking him, “Do you do catering? Can you deliver food to my office or meeting room?”

Yes, he could do that. But.…

Ron subsequently realized that cooking food for a single person and putting it in front of the customer within five minutes was one thing. However, cooking food for 10 or 20 or 100 and putting it in front of them 30 or 60 minutes later was significantly different. 

Meanwhile in Vancouver, Paul Coleman was taking a step back from a successful career in restaurant management. Like Ron, he had been hearing a growing demand for catering and realized that most restaurants and cafés without a doubt didn’t have the recipes, supplies, expertise or equipment to consistently cater quality food. 

In two different cities as two different companies, Ron and Paul embraced the challenge. Individually, they quickly developed the expertise and tools to deliver crazygoodfood to the growing list of businesses, institutions and organizations that were asking for catering services.

Soon after meeting, they realized they shared a passion for delivering good food with great service.

Together, they could be much stronger.

Ron continues the story:

We began in 2006 as a corporate Vancouver catering company. Over the years, we got to know our customers — we talked to them and, even more, we listened to them. Then they started to tell others about us. And over time, they started to invite us to cater their weddings, galas, cocktail parties as well as boardroom lunches, dinners, and so on.

This is how our business has grown.

We are committed to creating menus that are globally inspired, locally sourced and crazy good. 

The truth is we love what we do — be it building an event from scratch, basking in the Pacific Coast sunshine flipping burgers, delivering food for corporate functions or getting our whole team involved in serving a group of a thousand people or more.

Our business is run family style. Like family, we stick around, we know each other, and we know (get to know) our customers. Together, our leadership team has 60 years of service, and we look forward to doubling that number in the years ahead. 

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We are grateful for the remarkable support we have received from our amazing customers. In addition, we are humbled that they have referred us again and again to so many others.


We’ve been privileged to serve many of Vancouver’s finest companies and organizations.

We’ve leveraged technology to offer conveniences like online ordering. We’ve maintained kitchens in Vancouver and Surrey to provide the best service to our loyal customers. And, to this day, we still believe in the value of answering the telephone and the value of working with people. Our clients are not just companies, email addresses, food consumers or even just clients. They are people and we will always treat them that way.

Come to think of it, listening and talking and connecting are what have grown our business and what will take us into the future.

That, and our crazy good food! 

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Our Customers Include

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The only Metro Vancouver full service caterer with 2 locations to serve you better: Vancouver & Surrey